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Compare Popdock Plans and Pricing

Whether you need virtual integration, data migration, or a simpler reporting solution for your team, eOne has you covered. Get enterprise-level data management for mid-market pricing and a strategy that scales.

Below is your Popdock pricing for new and existing customers that started on 1 June 2024. You’ll see there are opportunities to “bundle & save”, view Popdock plans in detail, and the renewal options with transition discounts that existing Popdock subscription customers who purchased before 1 June 2024 have.

Your actual pricing will be based on your chosen product subscription plan, your selected renewal dates, and the incentives you select (up to 15% based on annual pre-payment + multi-year commitments) in the eOne Shop. 

Inclusive, Transparent Pricing Plans

From migration projects to virtual integration to everyday reporting, realize substantial savings by using Popdock. 
Popdock’s plans are designed to give you more functionality and queries as you scale up.

Monthly Yearly
$150 USD / per month

Startup Standard Lists + Virtual Integration

  • 1k Queries/Month

    Unlimited Records

  • Unlimited Standard Connectors
  • Unlimited Popdock Widgets
  • Unlimited Standard Lists
  • Self-Paced Training
  • No Support Included

    Hourly Support may be Purchased. (2 Hour Minimum)

$350 USD / per month

Business Custom Lists + Migration Features

  • Everything in Startup
  • 20k Queries/Month

    Unlimited Records

  • Unlimited Standard Connectors
  • Combine Data + Full SmartList Suite for Flexible List Building
  • Data Lake Management Features + Data Lake Connectors
  • Essential Support
  • Query Builder Add-on – $100 /Month
  • Scheduling Add-on – $100 /Month
  • Matrix Reports Add-on – $100 /Month
$650 USD / per month

Premium Data Access at Scale + Premium Features

  • Everything in Business
  • 100k Queries/Month

    Unlimited Records

  • Unlimited Premium + Standard Connectors
  • Scheduling
  • Matrix Reports
  • Query Builder
  • Audit/Logging: Up to 365 Days of History
  • Bootcamp Pass
  • Additional Packs of 100k Queries – $100 /Month

What’s Included by Plan

Introducing eOne’s iPaaS Plans Bundle
Save at least 20%

iPaaS for Migration Bundle
$700 USD / per month
  • SmartConnect Migration for 3 Months
  • Popdock Premium Plan for 3 Months
  • Unlimited Standard Connections
Get Started
iPaaS Business Bundle
$800 USD / per month
  • SmartConnect Business
  • Popdock Business
Get Started
iPaaS Premium Bundle
$1,500 USD / per month
  • SmartConnect Premium
  • Popdock Premium
Get Started

Existing Popdock
Customers have options

Monthly Yearly
Existing Plan
New Plan come 1 June 2024
Upgrade Option 1
Upgrade Option 2
Popdock Basic
$99 USD / per month
Move to Startup
$150 USD / per month
Move to Business
$250 USD / per month
Save $1,200/year
Move to Premium
$500 USD / per month
Save $1,800/year
Popdock Business
$199 USD / per month
Move to Business
$250 USD / per month
Save $1,200/year
Move to Premium
$500 USD / per month
Save $1,800/year
Popdock Premium
$399 USD / per month
Move to Premium
$500 USD / per month
Save $1,800/year


The systems that require a Premium Connection in Popdock are Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, Oracle NetSuite, and Sage Intacct.

Popdock is a universal query engine that can be used by end users across all business systems. Popdock allows those configurable queries to be displayed in a number of ways: Via Popdock’s web browser UI, in Microsoft Excel as refreshable reports, embedded within another business application where users prefer to work, as connected sensitive data snippets for end users or consumed as an API by your developers.

The Basic and Standard plans will automatically bump you up to the next level plan for the month. The Premium Plan will bump you up by adding another Query Pack on to the existing plan.

Yes, you can pre-pay for multiple months at the eOne Shop.

For the step of publishing your data to the data lake, Popdock also gives you an option to split your files, which allows Popdock to copy multiple simultaneously to the data lake. This makes it a faster process when you’re initially getting your data into AWS S3 storage.</p><p>The access of your CSV data from the AWS S3 connector is really efficient, your users have a great experience working with the AWS S3 data from the interface of the Popdock app or via a Popdock widget using Virtual Integration.

A query occurs when you open a list or open Popdock widget data that is embedded in an application.

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