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Dynamics GP customers, eOne is investing in making GP better for the next 10 years.

Whether you’re staying on GP or moving off of GP, we have exciting news for you. 

Staying on GP? Awesome.
Moving on to another mid-market ERP? Great. Popdock will be a useful toolset for that too.

We know (and you’ve told us) that finance teams are challenged to adapt to…

  • Modern selling and purchasing scenarios.
  • Hybrid work, new talent, lots of apps, and getting people the data to do their jobs efficiently.
  • Reporting on data from more financial related apps: payment gateways, eCommerce, supply chain, inventory, manufacturing, expense management
  • Get the most out of technology investments that drive growth.

More flexibility for more scenarios

How eOne Helps & Why You Need It


Popdock is a bigger, better, more modern version of SmartList Builder, SmartView + More.

Intro to Popdock

SmartList Builder to Popdock

Popdock for GP

Import all your SmartLists into Popdock

Intro to Matrix Reporting

Easily working with all your data

A super powerful, intuitive filtering & query interface

Report on multi-companies with ease

Access existing SmartList Reports

Save & Share favorites

Convert lists to a graph with a click or two

Scheduling jobs to export reports is 

Using custom combine GP data from multiple tables & multiple apps.

Join your list data

Merge similar data

Summarize data

Compare data

When you’re ready, Popdock helps you migrate off GP & makes the process affordable.

Migrating with eOne’s suite

Migrating off of Dynamics GP & accessing historical data in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Migrating off of Dynamics GP & accessing historical data in Dynamics 365 Finance

Migrating off of Dynamics & accessing historical data NetSuite

Reporting on your old and new
ERP with Popdock

Forget calling IT for everything.
Hello DIY Reporting.

Popdock future-proofs SmartList Reporting and gives a familiar interface for every app.

Report on
Dynamics GP
Dynamics GP
Dynamics GP
Dynamics GP
Dynamics GP
Dynamics GP
Dynamics GP
Dynamics GP
Dynamics GP
your Dynamics 365 Data
your Dynamics 365 Business Central Data
your NetSuite Data
your Salesforce Data
other Cloud App Data
your Stripe Data
your Dynamics 365 Finance Data
your CRM
your eCommerce Data

The modern interface to access & work with GP data.

And you don’t have to log into GP!

“Again, our transactional accounting users have told me that they – and personally I – enjoy running cross-company reports all at the same time using Popdock. I enjoy doing union queries through SQL where I could use some of those tools. But being able to do it in Popdock and publish it in a way that I can easily empower others to do it has significant productivity gains.”

John Buchman

Popdock solves integration needs in minutes, not months.

Why companies need
virtual integration

Embed GP (or other data) in your CRM in minutes

Embed GP (or other data) in your helpdesk in minutes

Use Popdock as a data source for SmartConnect Integrations

Why is pricing changing?

“The 60% off transition discount + 6 years of discounts should be a no-brainer. There are so many ways Popdock will save us money in our journey with GP and in our processes.”

There’s good ROI when you invest in eOne’s suite.

We PROMISE & will back that.

Learn how you can be more profitable and drive more value with your investments with eOne.

  • 50+ popular use cases for Popdock
  • 50+ popular use cases for SmartConnect
  • Popular use cases for using Popdock & SmartConnect together

Be as modern as possible, ready for growth. Getting started is easy.

  • Stop wasting time “swivel chairing” between apps researching, trying to report on siloed data.
  • Give your team a modern interface to securely interact with GP data anywhere.
  • Be ready to migrate and take your eOne toolset that you know with you.
  • Take the discounted licensing with you when you move to another ERP (up to 60% off Popdock on your next renewal).
    Have questions? Want to chat with GP experts? Contact eOne