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Applying GP Payables Documents in SmartConnect Integrations

How to apply GP payables transactions using SmartConnect.

Hosting Multiple SQL Gateways on the Same Server

Our SQL Gateways are a great way to get your data from your on-premise system into Popdock. With SQL Gateways, they are restricted

Creating a Scheduled Job in Popdock

Scheduled jobs are a great way to get your weekly reports sent to you for usage in other third-party applications. They can be configured to your timezone to allow you…

Error [HY000] [Microsoft] [ODBC Excel Driver] Reserved error (-5016)

Attempting to run SmartConnect maps using Excel as a datasource.  Maps have been working fine until recently when all my Excel maps starting giving the error that says, “Error [HY000]…

Using WinSCP and a task to upload or download files from an SFTP site

This article will discuss how to upload and download files to an SFTP with SmartConnect 20.16 or newer using the WinSCP API. This example is like the one where we…

Moving SmartConnect 21 to a new server

There are two methods available when moving SmartConnect 21 to a new server. Export-Import Method  4. On the New Server, install the same version of SmartConnect 21 as you would on…

eConnect error 4628 – The Tracking Number (Tracking_Number) is empty

I’m running a SmartConnect Integration to Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing (SOP) and attempting to create tracking numbers for that document.  I’m passing in a valid tracking number however eConnect…

Troubleshooting Salesforce Realtime Triggers

Troubleshooting a Salesforce Realtime Trigger can be difficult because we can’t manually run the integration. This article will serve as a guide of steps that can be followed to troubleshoot…

Moving Salesforce Triggers to Production

Moving SmartConnect triggers from a Salesforce sandbox to production environment requires using a Salesforce Change Set. This article walks through all the required steps to deploy the code.

Configure an OData Api query Data source

Modern OData APIs provide flexible filter and navigational properties allow external applications to create complex filters and join tables of related data easily. Performance and flexibility are the main reasons…

Run tasks based on custom conditions

SmartConnect tasks by default will always run when the integration reaches the configured step, for example send an email on integration failure. There are some real-world scenarios where we only…

Salesforce error log unauthorized endpoint for Realtime data source. has a requirement for all external websites referenced in custom code to be whitelisted in the system to ensure only approved services receive system information. Problem When following the…

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