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Make the switch from Scribe to SmartConnect

With Tibco announcing the end of life for their Scribe Insight Integration products, eOne is ready to help companies transition affordably and avoid downtime.

You need a better tool than Tibco Scribe Insight

Advantages all around

Trusted by thousands of companies globally, SmartConnect is a no-code integration solution that allows you to integrate with anything. SmartConnect has dedicated connectors for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Customer Engagement (CRM), Dynamics GP, NAV, SL, Oracle NetSuite, and Salesforce.  Together with standard generic connections to SQL, XML, files, and a configurable REST API connection for cloud app integration, you can connect to every business system that you deploy.

Look to the eOne team of integration experts.

Request a  Free Integration Assessment to get a fixed fee bid from eOne's services team to build your integrations in SmartConnect. We'll review your requirements, optimize design, and deliver a plan.

On-Premise or Cloud: Your Choice.

Deploy locally or in the web app, you choose your deployment on-premise, cloud, or hybrid integration. The integrations you build are interchangeable and can be moved between the two deployments.

Own your integrations.

No developer required. Empower IT & functional consultants.

Gain full control over any integration from the SmartConnect interface. Create, edit, and maintain integrations with all the power and flexible options you'll need to handle your specific requirements.  For more complex integrations, scripting windows and tasks can be enabled to provide the same level of detail as other integration platforms.

Simple licensing to suit your project.

Determine how many systems are being connected and choose the subscription plan to meets your needs.  The SmartConnect pricing plans are based simply on the number of apps you're integrating with.  Pay monthly, and get dual-use rights to the SmartConnect on-premise and web app.

Customer Success Story


“When I was introduced to SmartConnect by my partner, I realized how much more freedom it gives us [versus Scribe] as we can create our own integrations for different systems and processes as we grow without having to utilize our partner for services. It’s very easy to use, very intuitive and straightforward,”

Anne Davis, Controller - Women's Bean Project

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Integrate your Microsoft Dynamics
& Salesforce Apps with Anything

Enterprise-level functionality for mid-market companies

Every business has unique things about the way they've implemented their systems.  The SmartConnect platform lets you deliver unprecedented value with the control you need to answer changing integration requirements.

Access system-specific lookups, relationships, field-type data transformations, next numbers, plugin triggers, multi-company (organization) integration logic, tasks, error-handling, and integration templates - all built to simplify your integration process.


Solutions, Compared


Different development paths to cloud

Scribe and SmartConnect took very different development paths on their way to becoming cloud-based integration solutions.

  • Scribe built an entirely new solution in the cloud, which left their legacy product with no roadmap and no forward strategy.
  • eOne built SmartConnect for the cloud, every step of the way.  Given both the online and on-premise versions have the same code base, each enhancement is made available in both deployments (on-premise and cloud).  300+ new features have been added in the last 3 years.

Designed for different company sizes & market segments

  • Tibco Scribe focuses on enterprise customers in all industries looking to manage their entire organization from a single platform.
  • SmartConnect is designed for growing mid-sized companies that are looking to automate business processes, connect applications, remove data silos, and improve visibility across all stages of their lifecycle.


Scheduled Processing

Field Level Mapping

Multiple Data Sources

Web Services

Error Reporting


Advantages to SmartConnect vs Scribe

Excel add-in included

Allow users to push integrations into any destination from their Excel workbooks with the click of a button. No additional costs or subscriptions to use. Turn any integration into a user driven upload from their own workstation, without needing to have the SmartConnect application open or even installed on their machine.

True real-time triggers

Specific connections allow for true real-time integrations where the data is pushed from the source system rather than pulled on a scheduled process.

Connect tasks and features

Every connection that has been built for SmartConnect has had unique tasks and additional columns built specifically for those systems and their requirements.

Robust error-handling

Failed records and data can be tracked and re-processed within the SmartConnect application, removing the need to go sift through the source system and separate successful and failed records.

Virtual Integration

View all fields and relationships you need without needing to move, manipulate, or duplicate it. Get access to the data where you are working. Don’t leave your existing ERP or CRM, and still have access to all the other apps data.


Make the move from Scribe Insight

Schedule a Free Integration Assessment  Our consultants will connect with your team to review your Scribe integrations.

Get a fixed-bid quote for replacing your Scribe with SmartConnect. The average cost of migrating to SmartConnect is USD $7,500.

Make changes and improvements to your current process – and introduce Virtual Integration as a component of your strategy.

Choose your pricing model right for your licensing and deployment type.

Review your integration analysis and transition plan and schedule your implementation.

Go live with SmartConnect and celebrate your decision.

Free Assessment

Talk to eOne’s team to review your integrations, receive a plan to transition and save.