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Microsoft Teams Integration

Collaborate in Microsoft Teams with real-time data access and feedback loops from integrations
Core Experience Productivity and Collaboration
Created By eOne Solutions
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Embed Real-Time Reports
Alerts & Notifications
Embed Custom Reports in Microsoft Teams

No more searching for the details. Make Popdock reports convenient in Microsoft Teams. ​

  • Include Popdock reports with data from any of your cloud and on-premise apps – your ERP, CRM, eCommerce, inventory, shipping, expenses, marketing, and support.​
  • Customize with analysis and period reports (daily, monthly quarterly, annual, comparison by categories)​
  • Combine data to look at exceptions (any data missing/outer joins).​
  • Merge, join, and summarize data with calculations and restrictions.​
  • Include Multi-company reporting options.​
  • Turn on self-service reporting options: search, use advanced filtering, group/subgroup, see totals and subtotals, add and remove columns, save and share favorites, and export to files.

Outcomes Delivered​

  1. Easily share reports in a central, convenient location.
  2. Increase productivity.
  3. No-code, quick setup.

Licensing Required​

Popdock Basic Plan or above + download the Popdock Embed for Microsoft Teams

Send Alerts & Notifications from SmartConnect Integrations

When you’re running SmartConnect integrations, you have the capability to configure alerts and notifications based on errors and successes that happen through your integration process.​

In addition to email alerts, you can alert and notify Microsoft Teams, so your whole team is able to address to-do’s as soon as possible.

Outcomes Delivered

  1. Real-time alerts.
  2. Optimize your workflow where you collaborate.
  3. No-code, quick setup.

Licensing Required​

SmartConnect Basic Plan or above.

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