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Microsoft SQL Reporting

User-driven custom reporting on Microsoft SQL data + your other data.
Core Experience Database Reporting
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Self-Service Reporting
Embedded Reporting
Cross-App Reporting
Self-Service Reporting

No need to submit an information request to IT.  Provide a secure user interface to access data and report from Microsoft SQL.​

eOne’s Popdock offers an intuitive interface for users to search, create advanced queries across multiple tables, and create the Microsoft SQL reports that help users be more efficient at their job. ​

  • Connect to all of your Microsoft SQL data to create standard and custom lists.​
  • Join, merge, compare, and summarize tables from Microsoft SQL together into reports.​
  • Bring your Microsoft SQL data and data from other apps together into your reports.​
  • Add calculations and restrictions to your lists.​
  • Search and use advanced filtering. ​
  • Group and subgroup to see totals and subtotals by category. ​
  • Save Favorites and share them with other users.​
  • Use actions to do things like open records, see related details, or run processes.​
  • Export reports to Microsoft Excel or PDF ad-hoc or on a schedule (available with Popdock Premium).

Outcomes Delivered​

  1. Simple interface for users.
  2. Less IT and information requests.
  3. Secure data access.

Licensing Required​

Popdock Basic Plan or above.

Embedded Reporting

Embed reports that contain Microsoft SQL data in your other tech apps, so users can get to their data and insights faster. ​

  • Create and access reports that contain Microsoft SQL data conveniently in app, so users do not have to switch apps or put in requests to access data.​
  • Utilize all the self-service reporting options.
  • ​Enjoy a no-code setup experience to create your report and click a button to publish an iFrame for your Popdock widget.  This is the component to embed in your app.

Outcomes Delivered

  1. Simplify complex integration.
  2. Intuitive interface built for users.
  3. Many options to get to details

Licensing Required​

Popdock Basic Plan or above.

Cross-App Reporting

Combine Microsoft SQL Table data and data from other applications with Custom Lists.​

If you’re familiar with creating SQL queries of on-premise data, you’ll be relieved to learn that it’s now possible across all your cloud and on-premise apps. ​

Without writing a single line of code, Popdock makes it possible to:​

  • Combine data from multiple tables from Microsoft SQL into custom lists.​
  • Combine Microsoft SQL Table data with data from other apps into custom lists.​
  • Join data from multiple sources into one list based on field. ​
  • Compare similarities and differences between lists. ​
  • Merge data into a single list. ​- Summarize data from multiple sources into a single list.

Outcomes Delivered​

  1. SQL-level power to join data.
  2. Bring cloud and on-premise data together.
  3. Join your custom data and add calculations.
  4. No developers required.

Licensing Required​​

Popdock Business Plan or above.


Build really cool management reports using Popdock’s matrix reports, which allows you to create analysis reports on Microsoft SQL data.​

Often seeing the details prompts more questions on performance over time. What did the results look like at this time last month vs. this month or year-over-year?  What does the data look like by multiple categories? ​

​Matrix reports let you create an aggregate, variance, and color-coding to see an at-a-glance analysis of your Microsoft SQL data.

Outcomes Delivered​

  1. Analyze quickly
  2. Bring data together easily and look at trends.
  3. Better decision-making

Licensing Required​​

Popdock Premium Plan.

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