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Data Migration for Dynamics 365 Sales

Simplify your data management strategy (and costs) for your Dynamics 365 Sales & CRM migration.
Core Experience CRM Data Migration
Created By eOne Solutions
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Import Data
Archive to Data Lakes
Access History
Report on History + New Salesforce Data
Import Data

Move your current data and handle relationships and lookups between your tables when you import from your legacy CRM into Dynamics 365 Sales.

​eOne’s SmartConnect provides the control and data transformation options with an intuitive interface to generate data from any source to any destination.

Outcomes Delivered

  1. Simple mapping and integration setup.
  2. Flexible and powerful.
  3. Fast imports.

Licensing Required

SmartConnect Basic Plan or above.

Archive to Data Lakes

In order to officially retire your old environment, you’re going to need a data strategy for your legacy CRM.  Any good consultant will tell you that you don’t want to clutter your new system with all your old data.  An even better consultant will also give you a strategy to easily access historical data.​

​Popdock provides the tools to make a copy of specific data sets, attachments and your entire database to store in either your Microsoft Azure Data Lake or your Amazon Web Services S3 cloud storage account.  Data lakes are a cost-effective, secure storage location, and Popdock also provides an intuitive interface for users to search, query and view their history.

Outcomes Delivered​

  1. Archive history quickly and efficiently.
  2. Data is secure and can be made accessible.
  3. Popdock is optimized to pull and report on Data Lake data.

Licensing Required​​

Popdock Business Plan or above.

Access History

Whether your data is archived in a data lake or stored in an older environment, Popdock provides an interface for users to access history.  ​

​Allow users to search, query, view attachments, and create reports that include your history from within Dynamics 365 Sales or via the Popdock app.

Outcomes Delivered​

  1. Simple interface for users to work with your data
  2. Report on history and data from all your other apps.
  3. Learn one reporting tool that works for all your apps.

Licensing Required

Popdock Business Plan or above.

Report on History + New Salesforce Data

Access reports from your legacy CRM environment and create reports that combine new Dynamics 365 Sales and legacy CRM data.  Popdock’s custom lists provide options to join, merge, compare and summarize data from multiple sources into one custom list.

Outcomes Delivered​

  1. Create reports quickly.
  2. Better decision-making

Licensing Required​

​Popdock Business Plan or above.

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