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See how the tools measure up.


SmartList Builder has the features you need to get the job done. See how it compares to SmartList Designer:

Feature SmartList Builder SmartList Designer
Create new SmartLists
Modify default SmartLists
Create new SmartLists from default lists
Link tables
Combine work, open and history tables
Use SQL Views as tables
Use SQL Tables as tables
Use SQL Scripts as tables
Use SQL objects from other databases
Use Extender resources as tables
Use SmartLists as tables
Create Go Tos Limited
Add fields to display by default
Add fields as available but hidden by default
String formatting
Date formatting
Edit list items
Display numbers as currencies Limited
Display variable decimal places
Display numbers as percentages
Display numbers as negative
Display account indexes as accounts
Display note indexes as notes
Bulk edit field settings
Calculated fields Limited
Restrictions Limited
Multi-company SmartLists
Summary SmartLists
Reorder columns
Preview data
Preview SQL Script
List level security
Table level security
Record level security
Functional security
Create Excel Reports Limited
Create Navigation Lists
Create drill downs
Table finder
Import and export setup
Duplicate lists
Create new SmartList from existing SmartList Favorite