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Pre-sales Consultant Solution Architect Training

This training session is for your pre-sales and technical sales teams to learn how to sell eOne’s tools and set yourself apart from competition.

Win more business with smarter solution design.

About the event 

This training is for Sales, Pre-sales Consultants and Solution Architects. The purpose of this training is to help partners effectively position eOne’s iPaaS solution during the pre-sales and design stages, and help you win more business. This is a fun and high-energy event! This is NOT a product training session. We will explore features and functionality to help you differentiate ERP and win more deals.

The average business worker uses 9 applications each day, making iPaaS a critical component on any line of business ecosystem.

Learning to understand, present, and design an iPaaS solution is crucial to any Microsoft Dynamics implementation strategy.

Learn integration requirements, understand eOne’s integration suite, ask the right questions, deliver an impactful demo and design the best solution for your customer.

Attendees will receive a certificate of completion to submit for training credit.

This is a 1 ½ day event

Day 1
1 p.m. (13:00) – 5 p.m. (17:00). Dinner and drinks on eOne to follow

Day 2
9 a.m. (9:00) – 3 p.m. (15:00)

Free! Lunch, dinner and drinks are also included

The Agenda 

Understanding eOne’s Integration Platform-As-A-Service (iPaaS)

Integration for every app.

Differentiating Dynamics 365 through iPaaS.

Virtual Integration vs. Traditional Data Integration

Understanding the Difference.

Review scenarios and Case studies.

Virtual Integration: Finding the Opportunity

Setting up a virtual integration scenario in less than 20 minutes.

Solving eCommerce Integration needs

Common eCommerce integration points and pitfalls: how to spot and avoid them.

Review real eCommerce integration implementations handled by eOne iPaaS.

Crash course on REST APIs.

Demo to Win the Deal

How to prep for a demo.

What to show and what not to show.

The Tough Stuff

How to present security, error handling, system management and licensing to your customers.

eOne iPaaS vs. Azure Logic Apps vs Power Apps for Integration

Fitting eOne iPaaS into Microsoft’s Power Story.

Using eOne iPaaS to win the Virtual Migration conversation

Data Lakes, what data to bring, how to set it up and price it.

Finding the Right Fit for the Customer

Things to watch out for.

Warning signs and trigger words.

When and how to engage eOne for expert help.

Communicating iPaaS to your existing customer base

How to convince them to talk to you about their other apps.

Meet the trainers 

Chris Dew

If you want to talk about data, Chris Dew is your guy. With over 26 years of experience, including the last 16 with eOne Solutions, he has seen it all. Chris has spent the last five years pioneering eOne’s Popdock product, the future in data migration and virtual integration.

Chris Hanson

Chris has been part of the eOne team for the last 12+ years, based in Fargo, ND. Within eOne, Chris has worked through support, development, consulting, and the sales teams before ending up in a product management role. Chris focuses on helping the eOne team and our partners deliver a complete integration solution based on our integration platform – SmartConnect.

Outside of work, Chris enjoys a variety of activities with his wife and 2 kids. Hiking, biking, random outdoor games, and trips to the park take up most of his free time.

Ethan Sorenson

Originally from Fargo, Ethan relocated to Copenhagen leaving behind cold car commutes for bicycle lanes. Leading our technical teams in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, Ethan helps partners and customers improve productivity by utilizing the eOne toolset.

When he is not at his desk, you can find Ethan outside running, hiking, and enjoying any other activity he can find.

Alicia Bement

Getting Alicia out of the Dental industry was like pulling teeth, but 8 years into her eOne career she is still putting smiles on thousands of customer’s faces. Alicia has a passion for helping customers become more efficient in their daily tasks, by using SmartConnect to automate manual data integration between systems and Popdock for reporting and virtual integration.

Anyone that chooses to live in Fargo, ND, like Alicia, is probably a little crazy but you should jump at the chance to talk integration, virtual integration or about her family.

Martin Olsen

Martin Olsen started as a CPA without the required interest in the details. His tech career began on a GP helpdesk in 1998, and 24 years later he has built a company with more than 20,000 customers and 320 reselling active partners. Martin’s mission is to develop tools that help our partners sell more ERP and CRM software.

Rod O’Connor

Rod has been working with Business Applications since 1997, with many of those years being focused on ERP and associated technology implementation and integration. His experience covers all aspects of implementation, support, and integration – both technical and functional, as a user, an IT manager, a partner, a small business owner, and most recently as an employee of a multi-solution ISV.

Madalynn Woolery

Since joining the eOne team in 2020, Madalynn has worn many hats. Starting out as a sales operation intern, and having been a part of our accounting and marketing teams, she now leads Partner Development across the pond. Madalynn recently moved from Fargo, North Dakota to Copenhagen, Denmark where she handles the European and African territories.

Outside of work, Madalynn loves traveling, reading, drawing, and attending as many concerts and festivals as possible. She is excited to continue meeting her partners in person across the world.


No, this event is free.

Please bring yourself and your laptop. A know-before-you-go email will be sent in advance with more details.

Yes! Lunch is included on day 2. Plus we’ll have refreshment breaks, dinner and drinks at the end of day.

While this is geared towards Pre-sales Consulting and Solution Architects, anyone who takes on those responsibilities within eOne partners can attend.

Questions about the event?

Reach out and we will answer any questions you may have!