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Extender Standard and Extender Enterprise have the same table structure and the same ability to build windows, forms, views, menus, etc.

Extender Standard provides the core functionality of adding fields, windows, detail windows, forms, detail forms and menus to Microsoft Dynamics GP. If your goal is to simply capture additional data and report on it – Extender Standard is your answer.

Extender Enterprise contains all the functionality of Extender Standard but allows you to be clever with how you capture your data and what you do with it.

Extender Standard With Extra Functionality and Logic


Logic is about making the screens you build “do things.” It’s exciting to build new screens to capture data. Imagine making those screens not only fit your business data capture needs but also your business flow and functionality.

Logic can be used to do a number of things. Grey out parts of a screen or auto calculate and set values as you move around. Create default fields, lookups, and restrict drop downs. Use logic to open another GP screen when you hit a button or default values. Link from a form to a detail form and from there to a linked form. When you save a new record have it check stock levels in Microsoft Dynamics GP and create an inventory transfer if necessary. The sky is the limit when getting creative with Extender logic.

Feature Extra Functionality you get with Extender Enterprise
Window Logic Trigger logic code to run when you open, close or move around an Extender window.
Form Logic Trigger logic code to run when you open, close, print, save or move around an Extender form, a detail form or a linked form.
Process Logic This is when you want to perform a function on a group of records. This might be calculated commissions on a group of Extender records, or renewing subscriptions etc.
GP Logic Trigger logic code to run when and where you want it within Microsoft Dynamics GP. This is a great alternative to VBA and requires no compiled dictionaries or VBA files. Makes upgrades cheaper and easier.
Navigation Lists Navigations lists are an Extender specific version of building your own search and enquiry screens. They are very cool but note that they are only for Extender specific data.
Interfaces These were very cool configurable integration points into select areas of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Interfaces have primarily been replaced by the more flexible SmartConnect integrations.