SmartConnect 2018

User Impersonation

In order to make it easier for administrators to support users and diagnose client issues, administrators can use the change user option on the admin >> upgrade tab and view the client as the selected user would see it.


To impersonate another user in the SmartConnect client:

1.Open the SmartConnect client, navigate to the Admin >> Upgrade tab and enter the SmartConnect administrator password.

Enter Password


2.Select the change user option on the ribbon.
3.Use the lookup to select the user to impersonate. If the current user is not an administrative user, and the selected user has specified a password on their login the user will be required to enter the password.

Change User


4.Select OK to change the user.
5.SmartConnect should now display the new user login at the bottom of the SmartConnect window.
6.When finished impersonating the other user select the Set to Current option on the ribbon to change the user back to the original user.


Note: changing the user only changes what is displayed to the user within the SmartConnect client. Processing a map will use the currently logged in windows user rather than the impersonated user.