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SmartConnect 2018

Schedule Security

Once a map has been scheduled the user defined during setup as the user to run the SmartConnect windows service will be the user that runs the map.


Important considerations:

The windows service user set to run scheduled maps will need the appropriate SmartConnect security to access and run the map, as well as access to the required data sources and destinations.
Any tasks assigned to a map will be run on whichever client / server picks up the map to run first. This means that any input / output directories or files must be accessible to the user assigned to run the map, and to the machine assigned to run the map. Security for MSSQL Validation, MSSQL Lookups or MSSQL Commands that use integrated security will also use the user account assigned to run the map.


To check the user running the SmartConnect windows service:

1.Open the Windows Service management console on the machine you wish to check. Hold down windows R then enter services.msc, or access the service console through Control Panel >> Administrative Services >> Services.
2.Double click eOne SmartConnect Service in the list of services to open the properties window.
3.Select the Log On tab to view the current user selected.
4.If required select another user to run the SmartConnect windows service.


Note: the service must be restarted before changes will take effect.