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SmartConnect 2018

MSSQL Database Tenants

When using a Microsoft SQL server destination, the map tenants are MSSQL databases. When a map is created the default database selected on the destination form is set as the target on the map. If another MSSQL database, or another  MSSQL server/database is the required destination then the tenant must be amended on the MSSQL destination.


To amend a MSSQL tenant (database):

1.Select create, or select the Maps Quick Link and double click on the map to be edited.
2.If creating a new map enter the map id, description, data source, key fields and MSSQL destination information.
3.On the map setup window select the Databases button to open the databases window.
4.All MSSQL databases on the current server to which the user has access will be shown.
5.Select the required database(s) to update / de-select any databases that are not to be updated.
6.If the database to be updated is defined by a field in the data source select the Define button Define_Tenant and create the calculation to determine the target database.
7.If updates to more than one MSSQL server are required the Add button Add_Tenant may be used to add the new MSSQL server / database
8.Select OK to close the databases window.

Destination Databases