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SmartConnect 2018

Monthly Schedules

A monthly schedule sets a map to run on a certain day of the month for the selected months, at a specified time.


To schedule a map to run monthly:

1.Open Map >> Setup, or select the Maps Quick Link and double click on the map to be edited.
2.Select Schedule on the map setup window.
3.Select 'Monthly' as the schedule task option.
4.Enter the time that the map run should start.
5.Enter the day of the month that you want to run the map.
6.Select the months where the map is to be run.
7.If the map is required to be run multiple times each day it is run, enter the minutes between the start time and the time before which the last daily run should start.
8.Click OK to accept the schedule.
9.Click save to save the map amendments.


Monthly Schedule