SmartConnect 2018

Microsoft Dynamics NAV/365 Financials Data Source

To add a Dynamics NAV/365 Financials data source to a map:

1.Select Create on the Map tab or double click on the map to be edited
2.Enter the map id and description of creating a new map
3.Open the data source section of the map
4.Select Bulk data source
5.Select Dynamics NAV/365 Financials
6.The Dynamics NAV/365 Financials data source is designed to run against a single company at a time.
7.Select the company from which you would like to pull the data.
8.Select the service that you want to call to retrieve data
9.If you do not enter any filter fields for a data source, that data source will retrieve all records returned by the web service.
10.Adding filter fields against a data source.
a.Click the + button on the filter field grid.
b.Select the field in the service that you want to the filter to apply to.
c.Enter the criteria that field must contain
11.Click the preview button to preview the data returned by the service.