SmartConnect 2018

CRM Managed Change Tracking

If Allow SmartConnect to manage change tables has been checked on the CRM connector setup record, and Allow SmartConnect to manage tables is checked on the change data source, SmartConnect will manage the creation and maintenance of change tables within CRM.


Change objects:

CRM Publisher - a publisher record for (eOne Solutions Pty Ltd) is created and all change made by SmartConnect assigned to this publisher.


CRM Solution - a solution record (eOne SmartConnect Change Data Sources) is created and all changes made by SmartConnect assigned to this solution


Global Option Set - a global option set is created (eones_changetype) to records the change types within the change tables

Create (500000000)
Update (500000001)
Delete (500000002)


CRM Entity - a master change table (eones_change_master) is created to manage multiple change tracking per entity as well as filtering of change tracking fields.

Entity display name is 'eOne Change Master Records'
Entity description is 'Entity to hold eOne change records for SmartConnect maps
Key field is 'Change Master Name' of type string
Fields are as follows:
oeones_entity of type text (255) - records the entity to track
oeones_map of type text (255) - records the map id
oeones_fieldfilter of type text area - records the list of fields
oeones_iscreate of type boolean - true if creates are to be tracked
oeones_isupdate of type boolean - true if updates are to be tracked
oeones_isdelete of type boolean - not currently used


CRM Entity - an entity (eones_ch_<entity name>) for each CRM entity to be tracked

Entity display name is 'eOne change table for <entity name>'
Entity description is 'An entity to store changes for the <entity name> entity'
Key field is eones_<entity name>, type is read from the change entity
eones_processed of type boolean - true if the record has been processed by SmartConnect
eones_dateprocessed of type datetime - date the record was processed by SmartConnect
eones_action of type eones_changetype(see above) - records the change type that triggered the change record
eones_map of type text (255) - the map that should process this change record
eones_xml of type text area - not currently used
eones_<entity name>_trackingid - a field to link the change record to the record that triggered the change


CRM Plugin - a plugin (eOne.SmartConnect.Crm201x.Plugin.ChangePlugin)to create the required change records.

The plugin is registered when the change data source record is saved.