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SmartConnect 2018

SmartConnect 2018 Release

Problem Reports Fixed in Build

CRM AddDevice fails if already used with that connection server
Business Central update causes errors to not be displayed correctly
Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel running rest source map from the SmartConnect WCF service
Run Map task when using global variables on child map failing
Add company on another server hardcoded to DYNAMICS database
Odata updates not html encoding service url
Global Variables not being used when multiple service added to a NAV Odata source
Unhandled exception when clicking out of the map setup window
Post map failure tasks not running on a NAV/BC soap destination map
Apostrophes in Business Central company name cause map to fail
Updates and deletes fail if the No field contains spaces
Global Variables used in Child maps must first be referenced in parent map.
GlobalErrorCount, GlobalLastError, GlobalRunEnded, GlobalRunErrors blank when used on tasks



Release Date:  8/23/2019