Extender 2016


This module will walk you through adding the data from an Extender Form to SmartList.  Use the Navigation window to create a new SmartList from the Form data.  Extender Forms create a new SmartList to display the data.  They cannot be linked to existing SmartLists.


To add the Form to SmartList:

1.Click Navigation.

Form Navigation


2.Mark the Add SmartList option.  This will create a SmartList with the Fields from the Extender Forms window.
3.Enter the SmartList Name if you want it to be something different than the default.
4.Select the Series that the SmartList should be created in.
5.If the Form has detail fields on it, you will have the Add SmartList with details option available as well to add a SmartList with the detail fields.
6.Click Save.