Extender 2016


This section will guide you through the creation of a new Extender Form. An Extender Form creates a standalone data entry form. Unlike Extender Windows, Extender Forms do not have to be attached to an existing Microsoft Dynamics GP window. Extender Forms can be used to track any type of master file or transaction information that is not already stored in Microsoft Dynamics GP. For example, you could use an Extender Form to store worksheet or job details.


An Extender form allows for up to 30 fields to be added.  You can add up to 10 detail fields to a Form as well.  Adding detail fields to a form will allow you to track multiple records against the ID Field of the Form.  


Form templates are available to default data into these fields.  Once setup, the fields can be linked to existing SmartLists as well as Views can be created to allow for reporting on the additional data that is being collected.