Extender 2016


This module describes the terminology that will be used throughout Extender and throughout this training manual.




A product is an item in the Microsoft Dynamics GP launch file.



A series is a group used to organize resources.  Examples of Series are Financial, Sales, Purchasing, Payroll, etc.



In Microsoft Dynamics GP, a form is a collection of related windows.  All Microsoft Dynamics GP Forms have at least one Window in them.  Each form has one main window that is called by default and can have other windows that are opened from links or buttons on the default window.
In Extender, a Form is a default window that can have additional windows attached to it but doesn’t have to.  Extender Forms are accessed by adding them to menus, shortcuts, etc within Microsoft Dynamics GP as they are not attached to any Microsoft Dynamics GP window.  An Extender Form can include a lookup to tie it to existing Microsoft Dynamics GP data, but it is not required.



In Microsoft Dynamics GP, a window is a single data entry screen used to collect, edit or display information.  All Microsoft Dynamics GP windows are contained within a Form.
In Extender, a Window is an individual window that is attached to an existing Microsoft Dynamics GP window.  An Extender Window can only be accessed from within the Microsoft Dynamics GP window it is attached to. An Extender Window is required to be linked to a Microsoft Dynamics GP data record.


Key Fields

Key fields are used to assign a unique identifier from a Microsoft Dynamics GP window to an Extender record.  This is generally the required fields for the window.


Hot Keys

A Hot Key is a keyboard shortcut used to quickly access functionality.