Extender 2016

Window Fields with One String Key

Adding an Extender Window field to a Dynamics GP report is a simple process of adding a calculated field to the report. Before you add a field to a report, you should make a note of the Window ID, the key field/s for the window and the position number(s) of the field(s) that you want to add.


The following instructions are for adding fields from an Extender Window with a single key field that is a string data type.


To add an Extender Window field to a Dynamics GP report:

1.Select Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Customize >> Report Writer.
2.Select Dynamics GP as the Product and click OK.
3.Click Reports to open the Report Writer window.
4.Select the report that you want to modify from the Original Reports list.
5.Click Insert to move the report from the Original Reports list to the Modified Reports list.
6.Select the Report in the Modified Reports list.
7.Click Open to open the Report Definition window.
8.Click the Layout window to open the Report Layout window.
9.If the Toolbox window is not already open, select Layout >> Toolbox to open it.
10.Select Calculated Fields from the Resources list and click New to open the Calculated Field Definition window.
11.Enter a Name for the calculated field.  To make it easier to find later, it is recommended that the name reflect the Extender field you are trying to add to the report.
12.Select the Result Type as String.
13.Click the Functions tab and select the User-Defined option.
14.Select System from the Core list and rw_TableHeaderString from the Function list.


Light Bulb

The rw_TableHeaderString function has five parameters: Product ID, Window ID, String Key Value, Numeric Key Value, and Field Number.


15.Click Add to add the function to the expression string.
16.Select the Constants tab and select Integer as the Type.
17.Enter 3107 as the Constant value and click Add to add it to the expression string.  3107 is the Product ID for Extender.
18.Still on the Constants tab, select String as the Type.
19.Enter the Window ID for the Extender Window as the Constant value and click Add to add it to the expression string.
20.Click Fields and select the Table that contains the Key value for the window.  Select the Field that contains the Key value. Click Add.
21.Select the Constants tab and select Integer as the type.
22.Clear the Value field and click Add to add a zero to the calculation.
23.Enter the number of the field from the window in to the Constant field and click Add.
24.Click OK to save the calculated field.
25.Drag the calculated field on to the report.  Any other edits to the report such as a label for the field can be done at this time as well.
26.Close the Report Layout window. Click Save.
27.Click OK to close the Report Definition window.
28.Select File >> Microsoft Dynamics GP to return to Microsoft Dynamics GP.
29.Print the modified report to verify that the newly created calculated field is printing the data correctly.


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You will need to set security to the modified report before you will be able to view. Refer to the Microsoft Dynamics GP System Setup Guide or help file for more information on setting security to modified reports.