Extender 2016

Using Multicurrency Features

If a form has been selected as a multicurrency form, currency fields can be displayed in both the originating and functional currencies. When the originating currency is changed, the functional currency is changed based on the exchange rate. Similarly, the originating currency is updated when the functional currency is changed.


When an Extender form, detail form or linked form is set up to use multicurrency, there are 2 new fields displayed; the currency view button and the currency field expansion button.


Form Use Currency


The currency view button is a drop down list that allows you to select to display the currency (and currency calculation) fields in the originating or functional currency.


The currency expansion button is placed next to the currency lookup field. Clicking on this button opens the Exchange Rate Entry window, where you can modify the exchange rate settings for the current record.


To change the exchange rate for a record:

1.Click on the currency field expansion to open the Exchange Rate Entry window.

Form Exchange Rate


2.If the selected currency is different from the functional currency, you will be able to change the rate type and the exchange rate.
3.Click on the OK button to save your changes and recalculate the functional currency amounts on the Extender form.