Extender 2016

Difference Between Extender and Extender Enterprise

Extender (formerly Microsoft Dynamics GP Extender) provides all the core functionality of adding fields, windows, detail windows, forms, detail forms and menus to Dynamics GP. If your goal is to simply capture additional data and report on it – then Extender is the answer.


Extender Enterprise is the tool for companies who need to not only capture additional data – but to be clever with how it’s captured and what is done with the data. The main functionality that remains exclusively within Extender Enterprise is the Extender logic layer. The layer logic involves the ability to embed code in, behind, and around the screens you build with regular Extender functionality.


The two are almost identical in their base functionality. The biggest difference is logic, which is all about making the screens you build “do something.”   Examples:

Grey out parts of a screen
Auto-calculate and set values as you move around
Default fields
Restrict drop downs and look-ups
Open another GP screen when you hit a button and default values
Link from a form to a detail form, and from there to a linked form


This logic can be added to Extender Windows and Extender Forms, as well as Microsoft Dynamics GP Forms.  Using the Microsoft Dynamics GP logic is an alternative to using VBA.  Examples:



Extra functionality available with Extender Enterprise

Navigation Lists

Ability to create Navigation Lists to query the Extender specific data

Open Extender Form

Open Extender forms from another Extender form and set default values

Open Dynamics GP Form

Open Microsoft Dynamics GP forms from an Extender form and set default values

Open Application

Open an application from an Extender window or form.

SQL Scripting

Use SQL Scripting to run scripts as you navigate around Windows and Forms.

Dynamics GP Scripting

Write Dexterity code to add logic to any Extender Window or Form as well as any Microsoft Dynamics GP form.

Dynamics GP Transactions

Create Dynamics GP Transactions based on the data in Extender Forms