Extender 2016

Exporting Extender Resources

Use the Export window to export Extender Solutions, including all of its resources, to an XML file. There are two methods of exporting, Append and Overwrite.  When the append method is selected, the selected resource definitions will be added to the end of the entered XML file. When the overwrite method is selected, the contents of the entered XML file will be replaced with the selected resource definitions.


To preserve the integrity of the solution and try to prevent issues when transferring the setups between companies, you will only be able to import and export an entire solution.


To export resources:

1.Open the Extender Export window (Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Extender >> Export).



2.Enter the File Name.
3.Select the Export Method.
4.Mark the Extender Solution(s) that you want to export.
5.Click Save.