Extender 2016

Using Forms

Aftercreatinga Form, youcan testitusingthe Extender Forms window. The userinterface foraForm is thesameasastandardMicrosoftDynamicsGPwindow,using thesame fieldsand controls.


To open a Form:

1.Open the Extender window (Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Extender >> Extender).
2.Open the Form that you want to use from the Extender Resources list.
3.Click the Use Form button Use Form Button.


To enter data into a Form:

1.Open the Form.
2.Enter values for the ID and Description fields.
3.Enter values for the fields on the Form.
4.Click Save.


To delete a Form record:

1.Open the Form.
2.Enter the ID of the record that you want to remove.
3.Click Delete.