Extender 2016

Creating Form Templates

Use the Templates window to add new Form templates.


To create a template:

1.Click Templates.

Form Templates


2.Click the Add button to the right of the Templates list.

Form Add Template


3.Enter a Template Name for the template.
4.Select the field that the template will End Focus On.
5.Select the default replacement option.
6.Add fields to the template.



To add a field to the template:

1.Click the Add button to the right of the Fields list.

Form Template Add Field


2.Select the field that you want to default.
3.Select the Field Value.
4.Select the Replacement option.


Light Bulb

If you select to Always Replace then any existing values in these fields will be replaced by the template values.  If you select to replace when empty, then only the fields without current values will be updated by the template.


5.Click Save.