Extender 2016

Table Links

Linking an Extender Note to a table ensures that the Extender Note text is deleted when the corresponding table record is removed. A note can be linked to more than one table. When linked to more than one table, the Extender Note text will only be deleted when there is not a corresponding record in any of the linked tables.



If you link an Extender Window to a work table and not the corresponding history table, then the Extender data will be deleted when the record is posted because the data is removed from the work table during posting.


To link a note window to a table:

1.Open the Extender Windows window and select the note window that you want to link.
2.Select Options >> Table Links to open the Table Links window.

Note Table Links


3.Click the Add button beside the Table Links list.

Note Add Table Link


4.Select the Product, Series and Table that you want to link to.+
5.Match the Key Fields on the window to fields in the Table.
6.Click Save.