Extender 2016


Extender works by "extending" the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics GP, it is not intended to be used to develop new applications in the same way as other tools. In particular, it is useful for extending the application to manage additional data relative to Microsoft Dynamics GP transactions or master records. Extender allows you to add windows and forms that record the data that isn’t otherwise captured by Microsoft Dynamics GP.  If you have Extender Enterprise, you can also add logic to Windows and Form to perform tasks set criteria.  Extender does not have the ability to pull data from another source. Integrations created with Extender can only be used by customers who have purchased a license for Extender.


Capabilities of Extender include:

Create additional data entry windows
Create additional window types
Import data into new windows
Create forms to capture additional data
Create views to report on new windows and forms
Import and export of solutions
Create actions
Create menus
Extended calculated fields functionality


Skills needed for Extender include:

Knowledge of the various documents in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
Development experience is only required if Extender is being used to create complex integrations.
SQL scripting knowledge is needed for conditional calculated fields.