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Extender 2016

Extender 2016 Release 16.00.0057

New Features in Build 16.00.0057

Allow Extender Views to be created by db_owners
Extender Install automatically installs all companies at login of first company
Message added to indicate resource already exists on xml import
SOP and POP Copy brings Extender data along with the transaction



Problem Reports Fixed in Build 16.00.0057

Use a linked lookup in the form based on the ID value
Copied Form Lookup to ExtForm stuck on previous solution form
Export on Web Client doesn't allow to browse
Form using 2 ID fields doesn't clear when you select different primary ID
Unable to link Extender Window to Extender Form
Blank Lines saving on detail grid
Long String in Field15 won't save/update
Extender Notes window no longer shows note if you hide any of the columns
First note getting removed when redisplay
Lookup restriction on date or time fields not working
Extender Detail Forms: multiple rows entered for form detail data do not display in the UI after template executed




Release Date:  10/3/2017

Compatible GP Versions:  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 (all builds as of release date)