Extender 2016

Extender 2016 Release 16.00.0050

New Features in Build 16.00.0050

New Field Type of URL
Allow user to set column headings on extender views
Show/Hide Note List fields
Added setting to Auto Expand Detail Fields grid
Added Event Type of Before Save
Ability to use existing form in lookup field of another form
Disable Button on Actions



Problem Reports Fixed in Build 16.00.0050

Posting POP Receipt causes the the Extender "SOP Transfer" code to run
Copy Item feature no longer copies updated Extender Data after update from 2010
Extender function references old table EXT00400
Exporting Solution to previous XML doesn't overwrite all of the file
Extender Lookup to another Extender Form doesn't work from Detail Form
Mark an Extender Detail window as read only the Save and Delete buttons are still enabled
Importing in an Extender window that already exists write bad record to EXT00001 table
Window Notes are not updating
Extender import using ID's assigned from exported system
No hyperlink or zoom on a Form Lookup type when using the form



Release Date:  6/30/2017

Compatible GP Versions:  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 (all builds as of release date)