Extender 2016

Extender 2016 Release 16.00.0011

New Features in Build 16.00.0011

Key Field are now available for Calculations
Ability to create View from Extender Note Window has been added
Features that require GP to be relaunched no longer require the relaunch
New Indexes to improve performance



Problem Reports Fixed in Build 16.00.0011

Action to create SOP Transaction will not take unit price from the Line Item of a form.
Using name in SLB report shows incorrectly in Extender Linked Inquiries window
Lookups created in Extender have Hyperlink that doesn't work
Import of an xml file creates duplicate records in the EXT20010 and EXT20502 tables
Code fix - form ExtenderActionObject script ReplaceCurrentForm need to add check for window has details to windows section
Using add Resource on Menu doesn't work with Navigation Lists
When using Auto Open with Open Method as Line Change, the Field DDL is enabled when it shouldn't be
Can't directly switch Extender window Auto Open method from Line Change to Field Enter/Exit
Save_Description of ExtenderDataObject_Form does not allow for multiple keys
Extender Detail Window - refresh scrolling window does not display lines correctly
Extender crashes to desktop updating Form with a script on it.
Extender window linked on SOP Number and SOP Type doesn't work
Extender option in SmartList disappears when install SC into GP
Extender GetFieldID of form ExtenderDataObject_Form bug
Not able to change series for Extender form as a SmartList
Not replacing all instances of Form Variables
Unable to retrieve fieldID from Extender Window - Details
Error Creating trigger EXT00500_UPGRADE
Error Dropping trigger EXT00500_UPGRADE
SQL Insert Failure on EXT00700 and EXT00750 when upgrading from Enterprise 2010
Extender update continues if there is an error in the Upgrade_SQL_Prescripts
GetNextRecordID script on form ExtenderDataObject_Form we should pass in all values to save the EXT_Extender_Activity record at that time multi-user issue
GetNextRecordID script on form ExtenderDataObject_Window we should pass in all values to save the EXT_Extender_Activity record at that time multi-user issue
Extender Detail window linked on JE and Transaction Date won't retrieve the data.
Extender hangs GP when posting computer check