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SmartConnect 2018

System Maintenance

Whenever SmartConnect is upgraded, or a connector is configured / enabled for the first time, the SmartConnect system maintenance process should be run.


To run System Maintenance:

1.Navigate to the Setup tab within the SmartConnect client and select the System Maintenance button.
2.Select re-register real time triggers if real time data sources are to be de-registered and then re-registered during the maintenance process. Note: this checkbox should be selected when running system maintenance after a SmartConnect upgrade.
3.Select process to start the maintenance process.
4.If not all connectors have been set up within SmartConnect the user will receive a message listing the connectors that have not been set up. Select OK to close the message and continue, or Cancel to stop processing.



5.Maintenance will then run. The details text box will be updated with processing messages as maintenance continues.
6.A message telling the user that maintenance has completed will appear. Select OK to close the window.
7.If errors have occurred during the maintenance process, details of the errors may be viewed in the details text box. Selecting save details will prompt the user for a file name and will save the maintenance details to text file.
8.Select OK to close the maintenance window.