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Update CRM fields after succeed mapping

Ezequiel asked 5 years ago
I created a mapping between CRM and GP. I want to update each succeed mapped row but i couldn’t find the way to do it. Can anybody help me with this issue?
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 5 years ago
There are a couple of approaches you can use. 
You can use a post document task to run a second math after every successful document processed. This process can be very slow if you have a lot of documents to process, because it will run two maps for every record.
The other option will be a post map task to run another map after the first map has finished running all of records in your source. This second map will use a multi data source. One source will be your CRM source used on the original map, and the second source will be your destination to check if the record exists. You will only have the map process records that exist in both locations.
Ezequiel replied 5 years ago

Hi Ethan! Thans for your answer.

I tried to do the second option that you told me but i am afraid it did not work.

Is there an example of that? I tried to follow the instructions but SC gave me a validation error when it tries to execute the second map.

Thanks in advance!

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