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Testing Extender with Fabrikam

tminor asked 10 years ago
Does Extender have to be registered to use it with Fabrikam.  It seems work fine with the user 'sa', but if I log in as a different user, I receive a msg that it is disabled until initialized by the system administrator.  We are having this issue in GP2013.
Nicole replied 10 years ago

Extender does not need to be registered to use with Fabrikam, Inc.

The error you are seeing was an issue with permissions in the 12.0.36 build of Extender for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.  It has been corrected in the latest build, 12.0.48.  If you would like to continue using build 36, you would just need to run the Grant.sql script against the Microsoft Dynamics GP system and company databases.  The Grant.sql script can be found in the SQLUtil folder of the Microsoft Dynamics GP installation.   Once you locate the file, open and run it in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio against the system and company databases.  Then you should be able to log into the Fabrikam as any user that has permissions to Extender and use it without getting the message that it is disabled.

Jeff replied 9 years ago


We are getting this same error on login to GP. We moved the SQL databases to a new SQL Server, installed the same build of GP and Extender as was on the old server, and users keep getting the “Extender will be disabled until it is initialized by the system administrator” message. We tried re-running the install Extender option, and also running grant on every database.

Any thoughts?

Best Answer
Nicole answered 9 years ago
Generally this type of error is because it is finding something in the database that isn’t correct, but Extender cannot fix it. If you capture a SQL Trace (with the errors and warnings on) or a DexSQL.log, you should see the call it is making and the error that is being returned causing it to give this message. With that, then the issue can be looked into and corrected.

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