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Testing environment with to GP clients with SmartList Builer

Julia Gallegos asked 2 years ago
Hi,     I’m installing a testing environment to Dynamics GP, but I need to install 2 GP clientes, Spanish and English, both clients requires SmartList Builder, but I could only install for Spanish GP client, because it was the first client installed, I need to install in Englih client, but the installation file detects it as already installed.I have the SmartListBuilder2015r2 (14.00.0224) file, and this exe doesn´t ask for the new route, only asks for repair or uninstall.I found a new versión for the installation file, SmartList Builder 2015R2 (14.00.0233), this exe ask for the route to install, but I need to know if I can have problems if change the versión, or have GP Spanish with reléase 14.00.0224 and English versión with 14.00.233, or is better to have both with recentrly versión… What would be the recommendation?    Regards Julia Gallegos 

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