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Table Creation in Dynamics DB

Mick asked 7 years ago
Smartview seems to create tables in the Dynamics Database that belong to the Wennsoft group of Company tables, i.e. SV00100, SV00101, SV00102, SV00200, SV00300, SV00400 and more.  An issue arises when using the Rockton Smartfill, as it looks in the Dynamics Database first, which causes an error as it finds these tables.  Is there any reason these Company tables would be created, as the columns are more around Smartview then Wennsoft data.
Lorren answered 7 years ago
SmartView only creates tables in the Dynamics Database and not the company databases as WennSoft does. From my understanding of WennSoft you shouldn’t have an SV00100 table from WennSoft in your Dynamics database, only in the company databases.
This will have to be something brought up with Rockton.
Mick answered 7 years ago
The SV00100 and other Tables only get created when Smartview is in the Dynamics.set file automatically when logging into GP, when we delete these tables and relaunch GP, they get created again.  The columns in these tables have Smarlist type columns, not the Wennsoft actual columns.
I will see if can be replicated on another system.
Mick answered 7 years ago
The SV00100 and other SVXXXXX tables definitely get created in the DYNAMICS Db when Smartview is installed and Wennsoft is also installed.  This creates a conflict with Smartfill, but we have a work around to proceed.

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