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not able to access database

Scott asked 9 years ago
Just installed SmartView and have a couple of SmartList built that access SQL data tables in a different database from GP. the SmartList work fine in GP but in SmartView receive the following error: “The server principal “smartview” is not able to access the database ‘oasis’ under the current security context.” In the SmartView internal manual I ran across a note that stated that the SQL group DYNGRP needed to have access to the tables in the external database with the select right granted. So I added the SQL security group DYNGRP to the database oasis and selected the tables used in the smartlist making sure the select right was granted. Any ideas as to what I am missing in the security setup?
Best Answer
Scott answered 9 years ago
Ok fixed it. Had to make sure that the SQL user “smartview” was also mapped to the database with the database role “DYNGRP” selected. Thanks

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