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map line error

csmeutah asked 10 years ago
We get the following error on one user only:

The following map lines have been removed:

1. Update MDA Vivint

This could have been caused because you don't have access to the map line or it has been deleted.

Any ideas?  I can't see anywhere to assign security on a map line and don't see any discussion of such in the documentation.

Best Answer
lorren answered 10 years ago
It sounds like you have a custom node that no longer exists or has been removed.

You can go to Maintenance-Node Maintenance and based on the Node Type, determine if that node still exists and if it doesn't, you will need to re-add it.
John answered 7 years ago
I realize this is old news, but i am having the same issue one of our maps.  This only happens for one user and the node is a standard eOne node, so I suspect this is not a node related issue.  Any other suggestions?
Giri replied 7 years ago

Hey John, I had the same issue today as I was exporting maps from one environment to another. It was a mix of custom and standard nodes. I deleted it and re-imported from Production. It is working now.

John replied 7 years ago

Thanks Giri.

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