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Items – Item Inquiry buitin Goto

Nancy asked 2 years ago
I am trying to add the built in Go to from the Items smartlist for Item Inquiry, there seems to be only the one parameter item number which we return in our view but the GoTo brings up the Item Inquiry screen with a different item. What can I do to make it work? Thanks
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
This happens due to your key fields that you selected on the primary table when you created the smartlist.
When the smartlist fills, the row is filled with the “hidden key field” that you selected.
When you use the goto, it takes that “key field” data to query the smartlist data to find the record you selected.
So if you chose “Item Type” as the key field for some reason and then SLB essentially does a :
Select top 1 from <query> where Item Type = “Service Item’ (or whatever the row was)
and assuming it finds the FIRST one, it just pulls the Item Number off that query and uses it in the goto.
Now since you have lots of Service items (or inventory or discontinued or …) that isn’t what you want.
Instead you want to select something that makes unique key fields – something like “Item Number” or whatever so that when I select that line goto, the ONLY row that I can find in the goto query is the row I clicked on.

And now your Goto should work as expected.

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