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GP with real time SQL Server data source – missing events?

Eugene asked 2 years ago
I have SC 2018 map using real time SQL Server datasource (GP IV00102 table – i.e. GP item quantity master table) with MS SQL Server stored proc as destination. Inside of my stored proc, the very first step I do is I write row in my custom log table in order to log for what inventory item my map as been invoked for and some of data points I pass into my stored proc such as Qty Allocated, Qty On Order etc.
From my custom table log entries it became apparent – it looks like my real time map is NOT being invoked every single time when I think it should be invoked, i.e. when any of the columns of IV00102 table I have included in my data source are changing, i.e. when item is being trasacted on. I do not understand how could this happen, since as I assume every time new SO or new PO are created, item’s Qty Allocated and/or Qty On Order change and it MUST trigger my map’s execution. 
I am at loss at where to look next – could there be errors I am not logging and therefore not seeing?  I log errors as well as successes in my map but don’t see anything which would point to the root cause of the behavior I am observing. Would you have any suggestions as to where I may look?
Thank you!
Walker answered 2 weeks ago

E one solution has a thread about community forums with the GP real-time and service data sources. It includes the quantity master with MS SQL server stored pro as the destination. Its follow rush my essay review for some new tricks of study. You can get their data changes with given multiple levels. Join it.

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