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JENNMORTON@HOTMAIL.COM asked 10 years ago
Hey Everyone,

I have a script to create a global message then email the results.

When I run my map, I get (say 5 documents succeeded) 5 emails. 1 being the first item, the second being the first and second documents the third being the first three documents etc.

Anyone know how to correct this? I have done the same script on a document fail and it works with no issue.

Thank you.

Best Answer
Ruaan Jonker answered 10 years ago
Hi Jenn

There are 2 system variables that contain the errors on a map.
The "GlobalRunErrors" and "GlobalLastError".

If you want to send email per document please use GlobalLastError and you should only recieve the last document error in the email.

The GlobalRunErrors can be used in a Map Fail script to send 1 email containing all the failures for the map.


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