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Date fields

coleen asked 10 years ago
I am new to using SmartConnect.  I am trying to import Employee information using a Tab Delimited file.  I am receiving "Failed to convert parameter value from a String to a DateTime." 

How do I correct this??

Thank you!
Best Answer
Lorren answered 10 years ago
Coleen,  When you select the text file, there is button available called "Create Schema File".  This will open a window that will allow you to create a schema to map or set the data types of the columns in your text file.  If you have an ODBC Connection type and choose Text file you can create/define your column formats by unclicking the "Use Current Directory" and clicking "Define Format" on the ODBC Text Setup window.  One other piece to change your Date field uses a valid date format such as Year-Month-Day, if possible.  Thanks, Lorren
Chris Hanson replied 10 years ago

What Lorren said are the correct steps for brining in the data source. If the data still is erring out you can send the map to file and see what is being passed through in your date fields.

If the date isn't in the correct format being passed in, you can then use a date calculation in SmartConnect to ensure its in a format GP will recognize.


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