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CRM RealTime Create Event – Map Does not run asked 8 years ago
I have a real dilemma here.  My Update Events trigger the map to run but Create Events do not.  As you will see in the detail to follow there is no clue left behind as to why the Map linked to the Create Event is not executing.  PLEASE HELP with steps to diagnose this issue.

Windows Server 2008 R2 Hosting Smart Connect
Smart Connect Ver
Dynamics GP 2013 R2 on Windows Server 2008 R2 (Same host as SmartConnect)
Dynamics 2013 SP1 on Windows Server 2012

I am using the sample maps provided by eOne for GP/CRM integration.  I am using the GP_INVOICE_RT map.
I have registered the RT data source for Create and Update events.
The SmartConnect Web Service is installed configured and running.
When I create an Invoice on CRM, the System Job Runs successfully.
There are no entries in the SmartConnect event log.
There are no entries in the event log for IIS.
The Map logs (I setup to log success and error) indicates map has not run.
And of course the SOP10100 table has no Invoice in it.
I add a product to the Invoice on CRM.
CRM Job for Update runs successfully.
The map shows that it ran!
The SmartConnect event log has an error entry for the update attempt.  It cannot add the item to an invoice that does not exist in SOP10100.  Go figure.
I duplicated the map and setup a separate map registered for Create and the other for Update separately.
Same result… Create event does nothing.  Update event runs map and throws error.
I have run System Maintenance every time I change the maps.

I am at a total loss as to what to do next to figure this out.  PLEASE HELP.

Lorren replied 8 years ago


When you look at the Companies button on your Destination, do you have a company checked and is it the right company?

I would recommend exporting your map and sending it to


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