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Be able to change Column Names

David Nelson asked 7 years ago
When mapping destination columns you should be able to rename the column name(header).  Currently it is whatever the source column is.  My current problem with that, is Smartconnect strips out spaces in column names and such.  You should be able to change the column name.
Chuck replied 5 years ago

I third this!

Chuck replied 5 years ago

I vote yes!

Rene Fiolleau replied 4 years ago

Yes please

Anne Davis replied 4 years ago

Vote yes to be able to name column exports! This is a must in this day an age of importing and exporting between platforms. Not optional. 🙂

stephen Leach replied 3 years ago

I vote yes.

Robert K Sloan replied 3 years ago

I vote Yes.

Sherry Whitten answered 6 years ago
I second this!  I need to be able to control what I export.
Wallace Dodds answered 5 years ago
I agree, would make exporting to files much easier than writing code/script.
Darren anderson answered 5 years ago
We really need this to simplify our integrations
Karen Henkelman answered 4 years ago
Absolutely agree!!!  This would be VERY helpful!!
Lori answered 3 years ago
Is this done yet? Does everyone write a post task script?
Tim answered 2 years ago
i would LOVE to see this happen as well. I’m always having to rewrite the headers on my exports. 🙁
Mark answered 12 months ago

I am having to use a work around to fix the headings.  This would be appreciated.

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