Moving SmartConnect to a new server

Published: Jan 03, 2018
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There are two methods available when moving the SmartConnect to a new server. The best option is to export all your maps, objects, and variables through the SmartConnect user interface and import them into a brand new SmartConnect install on the new server. The other option, is to back up your current SmartConnect database and restore it on the new server.

*If you are also upgrading GP, make sure you follow the correct upgrade procedure as outlined in the manual.

Export/Import Method

  1. Start by Exporting your data from the old SmartConnect database. In SmartConnect click Maintenance > Export. Select the attributes you want to export, commonly this includes Maps, Real Time Data Sources, User Variables, and Default Connections. Give the file a name and location; then click Export. We have another help article that goes over this process in more detail.
  2. On the new server install the same version of SmartConnect as you would on a new install, as outlined in the manual.
  3. Launch SmartConnect, Run System Maintenance, Setup all the connectors you have been using (Setup > Setup), Run System Maintenance again.
  4. Import the maps and other components exported from the old SmartConnect instance. (Maintenance > Import Wizard) If prompted to setup invalid destination templates, check the box to use Connector default for all invalid Destination tenants.

  1. check for references to the old server. Scroll down past the Database Restore Method for more information about resolving Connections used by maps.

Database Restore Method

  1. Run this Script to clear the SmartConnect log tables, so you aren’t transferring more than necessary.
  2. Create a backup of the SmartConnect database. Here is a link with steps to create a backup.
  3. On the new server, restore the SmartConnect database. Here is a link with steps to restore a backup.
  4. Next, we need to remove the old SmartConnect user that owned the database, and create a new one to own the database. The new user can have the same name as the old one. Run the below script to remove the user (assuming the database and user are both named SmartConnect).

USE [SmartConnect]

DROP USER [SmartConnect]


  1. Create a new user named SmartConnect and assign them db_owner with a default schema of dbo for the SmartConnect database. Here is a link with steps to create a new SQL user.

  1. Install SmartConnect and point it to the existing SmartConnect database.
  2. Attempt to login, if you receive the error “Your login failed. Please contact your system administrator” Then the follow this Help Article.

Check other Database References

Even if you have imported your maps, the default connections and tasks can still be pointed to the old server.

Check the ODBC, OLEDB, and MSSQL data sources for references to the old server.
SmartConnect >>Maintenance tab

Check your tasks on maps to make sure there aren’t any SQL Command or Script tasks using the old server.
SmartConnect Map >> Tasks tab

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