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Published: Nov 03, 2022
Post Author Written by Maksudul Haq

The following steps are for creating integration:

  1. If you do not have SmartConnect Login. See the Getting Started with
  2. Connection: Click on Connections, then Create Connection button. You will see all applications connections available list. Here is the Print screen (Red Rectangular Box indicates clicks). You must set up the connectors for the applications. See Knowledge Base for setting up connections of your choice.


    Connections available on

  3. Data Sources: Click on Data Source, then File under Bulk Sources. From the Create Bulk File button, select New File Data Source. Here is the Print screen. You can create three kinds of data sources Bulk Sources, Change Triggers and Realtime Triggers.

Data Source

4. Processes: Click on Processes, then Integration Processes. From Add New button, you will see the integration Process Details tab. Give a name to Integration Id and Description. 

5. The next tab is Source: Select the Source Type, Source, and Add Source Grouping. Here is the Print screen (Red Rectangular Box indicates clicks or inputs).
6. The next Tab is Target: Select the Target Application of your choice, Destination, Organization and Entities to Process.
7. The next Tab is Integration: Select the Target Lines and tick the Source Field Group By.

Go to Tab Target Integration:

  • Here you can map Columns Fields from your source to your destination.
  • Create Additional Columns to transform your data along the way.  Once created, they are available in your source to map your destination.

  • Click the Save and Run button, to get the integration started.
  • Specify other steps you’d like to include in the Tasks Tab.  For example, if the map fails, send an email notification with a list of errors to
  • Schedule your integration (if it’s not a real-time integration).

Happy integrating!

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