Configure a Business Central Change Data Source

Published: Oct 28, 2020
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What is a Business Central Change Data Source?

If you are using the online SaaS version of Business Central, then you can enable Business Central Change tracking in
SmartConnect so only records that have been created and/or modified since the last map run will be processed. If you
are using an on-premise version of Business Central or NAV, you can instead use an MSSQL Change Data

For an overview of Business Central Change data sources you can watch this video.

Configure a Business Central Change Data Source


  1. An active subscription
  2. A configured Business Central OData Connector
  3. The SmartConnect Change Tracking BC


  1. After adding the SmartConnect Change Tracking Extension to the BC tenant, you will need to go to SmartConnect
    > Connections > Dynamics 365 Business Central OData. Validate and Save the connector so SmartConnect can
    enable change tracking
  2. Go to Data Sources > Change Triggers > Trigger > Create Change Trigger
  3. Give the source a Description and select your Connection and Company
  4. Select the BC table to track changes on.
    1. Optionally use the Restrictions button to filter the results
  5. Click Add Service for the published API page or query that will allow SmartConnect to retrieve the data

  1. Create an integration process that uses this data source
  2. Make sure to check the boxes for “Track Changes”

  1. Save the integration process

Changes are not being tracked

Check the following settings to ensure the trigger is enabled correctly.

Are the changes being tracked in the eOne Change Maintenance table?

In Business Central search for “eOne Change Maintenance”. This view will allow you to see all records that the system
has tracked.

If your change is in the list, but your record count is 0 when running the map, check your data source setup in
SmartConnect to make sure it is not using a restriction and is linked correctly to a service.

If your change isn’t in the list check the other areas listed below.

Is the data source set to “Track Changes” in the process setup?

Open the integration process and check that at least one of the boxes is checked for “Track Changes”

Are the changes being made in the correct BC Company?

Each Change Data Source is company specific, so make sure you are making changes in the company that the source is

You can check this in SmartConnect > Data Sources > Change Triggers > Trigger > Your Trigger

You can check this in Business Central > eOne Change Setup Maintenance

Is Change Log Setup enabled in BC for the table?

SmartConnect is registered to the “Global Triggers” Codeunit and will only trigger if the table in question has the
“Change Log” enabled.

  1. In Business Central, go to “Change Log Setup” and ensure “Change Log Activated” is enabled
  2. Click the Setup > Tables action
  3. Make sure the table in question is monitoring for modifications
    1. If the log is set to “Some Fields”, hit the ellipsis(…) to define which fields have tracking enabled.
  4. If you made changes here, close and reopen your browser to ensure your session is closed
  5. Make your change and see if is now tracked

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