Have you ever wondered if you could benefit from Extender Enterprise? Extender Enterprise has all the great features of Extender Standard, but allows you to add logic to your Extender Windows and Forms.  You can do things like disable fields, automatically populate data, conditionally perform actions, etc.

If your goal is to simply capture additional data and report on it – Extender Standard is your answer. But, if you want to be clever with how you capture your data and what you do with it – Extender Enterprise is the way to go.

To learn more about Extender Enterprise, check out this link.

Steps to Upgrade to Extender Enterprise
Once you have decided to upgrade to Extender Enterprise from Extender Standard, the process is very simple.  

1. The first step is to contact the eOne Sales team at +1 888-319-3663 or sales@eonesolutions.com and purchase the upgrade. You do not have to purchase the full Extender Enterprise product if you already own Extender Standard.  You would just need to pay the upgrade price. 

2. After that is complete, you will receive a new registration key for Extender Enterprise.  As long as you are on Extender 2013 (and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013) or newer, it is just a matter of entering a new registration key to unlock all the new features of Extender Enterprise.  There is nothing additional to install.  Refer to this link for more information.

Biggest Upgrade Consideration
The biggest portion of the process comes after upgrading to Extender Enterprise: learning all the new functionality you now have available.  One of the best ways to get up to speed is to purchase and complete the Extender Self-Paced Training.

Again, if you want to do more with the data you capture, I encourage you to consider upgrading to Extender Enterprise.

Have any questions or want to know which version you need? Let me know. Email me at nicole.albertson@eonesolutions.com.