Armed with a cup full of coffee, a headset that looks like I’m directing air traffic and a passion for all things eOne, I spent time this morning sharing a SmartView online demo with a partner of ours in the southern US. Now, this partner is already a fan of SmartView, but wanted some of their consultants to get a deeper look at it. As we discussed the benefits of the product, including seeing lists without logging into GP, adding an unlimited numbers of filters, and more – we started talking about SmartView’s speed. I shared a few of my stories and then the partner jumped in with:

“You should know, we have one customer who has a customized Project Accounting list (created with SmartList Builder) who can now see their list with SmartView in 19 seconds. The list used to take 30 minutes to load in SmartList!”

Wow. I know I sell SmartView, but I was impressed. And I had to share.

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