D365 Business Central partners, eOne looks forward to seeing you in London in May! (And we’d love to help you become an integration guru).

Join us on 20 May for a 1-day classroom-style training to learn what you need to know to successfully deliver your next D365 Business Central integrations.

Our mission for the consultants who complete this bootcamp is that they:

1.  Feel confident recognizing new opportunities for delivering and supporting integrations.
2.  Understand how to handle specific requirements and repeatable solutions without code.
3.  Be able to connect anything (online & on-prem apps) with D365 Business Central.

Tools we’ll use:  SmartConnect & Popdock

First, we’ll dive into eOne’s data integration offerings both with SmartConnect on-prem and iPaas Azure-hosted solution, SmartConnect.com.  SmartConnect offers a scalable and highly configurable toolset that allows customers to integrate their Dynamics 365, CRM, ERP and cloud applications without code.  Both versions of SmartConnect allow you to handle hybrid integration scenarios connecting cloud and on-premise solutions, and at the end of the day, allow you to generate new data.

While we often think of data integration as creating data in other systems, simply displaying the right data between systems is really what’s needed, instead of full integration.  In this case, data from “System A” is visible as field, list or chart within another system (“System B”), but is not a resident of that System B.  We’ll take a look at how you can easily say yes to that scenario with the configuration of Popdock widgets.

Agenda Day 1

Business Central Integration

  • Introduction to the Business Central Web Services and Endpoints.
  • SmartConnect connection options for Business Central – both the Odata and SOAP connectors
  • Using Business Central as a Source and as a Destination within SmartConnect
  • Considerations for bulk and ongoing integrations
  • Handling lookups and other data transformation during your integration
  • Some examples of hands-on exercises for SmartConnect & SmartConnect.com that will be covered will include:
    • Integrating Business Central and SQL
    • Integrating Business Central and your CRM (D365, Salesforce, etc.)
    • Integrating Files with Business Central Transactions and Master Data
    • Integrating Business Central with D365 standard and custom entities
    • Automating integrations from folders and ftp to Business Central

SmartConnect Topics

  • Connecting to other sources and destinations – files, databases, folder data sources/ftp, REST & SOAP web service integration
  • The SmartConnect Excel Add-in
  • SmartConnect Integration Templates
  • Monitoring and Managing Errors

Popdock Widgets and D365 Business Central

  • Introduction to Popdock
  • Setting up your connection and security
  • Building your list (standard lists, merged lists from multiple systems, custom lists)
  • Options for display of data.
  • Configuring your widget in D365/CRM to embed and display your Business Central data.
  • Configuring your widget in D365 Business Central to embed and display data.

**Please note that while Popdock connects to many different systems, we’ll configure widgets in this training specifically for D365 and Business Central.

Who should attend?

We encourage our partners to send team members who are involved in technical delivery, sales, and support to attend.


The price for the first person to register is £800.  For each additional attendee from the same company we offer 50% off.

How to register:

Click here to register for the London integration bootcamp.

If you have any questions, you can email sales@eonesolutions.com or give us a call at +1-888-319-3663.